Four Score And Seven Pongs Ago

Four Score and Seven Pongs Ago started as an annual* video game competition that I have with my friend Brian. We play a mix of retro and modern score based games. Now it’s a website that hosts a podcast that I started with Shawn Sines. I plan to do more with the site as time goes on.

The first few logos were based around the games we were playing. Along with a trophy to emphasize the competition aspect.

What I made for the fourth competition. Which is the basis for the most current version of the logo.
Currently the basis for all things Four Score & Seven Pongs.
The banner for the website.
Surprisingly the Nintendo Four Score existed before I came up with the name. Now I just pass it off as if that was my intent all along. Here I modified a Four Score in Photoshop. The font recreation was a bit tricky but I think it looked overall good in the end.