Perspective is a powerful tool. It can bring people closer to one another. It can change how one approaches the world.

I was thinking about perspective when I passed a solar array on a trip in the moonlit night to Northern Ohio to celebrate Thanksgiving. I thought to myself how even though the sun was not directly seen or felt it was still present. It lit the moon. It was cold but compared to the cold of outer space, it was relatively warm. Even in the harsh winter months the sun is still what keeps our little world alive.

Thanksgiving is reserved for a time of giving thanks to what matters most. Health, family, friends, a roof over your head. I use the day for perspective. Not everyone has an enjoyable time around the holidays. But as you’re watching the news about what else is going on in the world, take a second to consider what you’ve got and what really matters before you go out and trample people for a Black Friday deal or complain with your family members about something trivial.

I like to go back to a few years ago when things weren’t great and how much better I am than then. I am thankful, truly thankful. I am not always happy and that’s okay. Perspective is what puts me in my place.

I am thankful for you reading this. Now go eat some prehistoric prey of your choice.

The Jarbochov Stratagem

My blog has been under the moniker of the for almost ten years now[1]. The name has early 2000s written all over it.

For those not in the know my nickname has evolved over the years. In high school it was Jarbo[2], which I then reconfigured into Wyoming Jarbo as an homage to Indiana Jones except with the completely rectangular and least populated state. I thought it was funny.

Later after answering many questions about the “Wyoming” part[3] of the name I adopted Jarbochov[4]. After the great Twitter username change of 2011[5] it has been my handle ever since. It’s unique and it was born out of serendipity rather than manufactured or forced.

Over the last year I’ve reflected on how much I miss creating things. I like writing but I also put so much thought into it without much action. The most common advice I see for people who want to write is to just write and not worry about the audience or the content. So that’s my new goal, or stratagem to approach myself and the world.

A stratagem is a plan to outwit an opponent or to achieve an end. My opponent is myself and the world. My goal is to write more, to show the awesome of the world, of technology, of video games, of life. My aim is to muddle up the system add some shades of gray[6] to everyone that reads this. The world is simple where we think it is complex, and it is complex where we think it is simple.

I hope you stay along and encourage me throughout this corporate rebranding of the online space of Jared Cherup, and I hope to contribute in a more regular fashion.

  1. has actually been around since 1999.  ↩
  2. “Jarbo” was a product of several misspelled checks I received from The Columbus Dispatch while I was a paperboy. I still cashed them.  ↩
  3. No I’ve never visited Wyoming, but I want to.  ↩
  4. Jarbochov was formally adopted during a game of 1000 blank white cards. It’s an reconstructing of “Mikhail Gorbachev” and “Jarbo”. Also some walls were involved.  ↩
  5. I joined Twitter in 2006, and for years my username was “jcherup” which found completely uninspired.  ↩
  6. No, not those ones.  ↩