Twitter Hyped Out

I have been a member of Twitter since it was created in 2006. It has grown into something quite amazing since, with millions of users finally “getting” a new way to communicate. But what I don’t understand, is all the hype around it. I am personally unhappy with hype-mfp-energy-drink-iiTwitter’s innovation in the past year. This could be due to their growing pains. Twitter has taken away more features in the past year than created. And they have completely lied on why they took them away, and whether they would be returning. For such a widely used service, Twitter needs to get its act together.

The latest hype revolves around a Twitter TV show. Seriously people? Are we so obsessed with Twitter that we need a TV show , about Twitter? Granted, Twitter provides an excellent way to communicate with listeners or viewers of programs (ex. CAVERadio*). Integrating Twitter can provide a new provocative way to combine our information overload, but this Hollywood focus, and celebrity oriented phenomenon needs to stop.

I think Twitter needs to start innovating with some new features, and stabilizing current ones, instead of relying so heavily on the API community to do cool things for them while they hold up the walls. If you haven’t yet, please check out FriendFeed. It’s everything Twitter is and more (stable, real time, feature rich), and you don’t have to completely abandon Twitter to use it. And seriously… a TV show?

* Unsolicited Shout-Out