In With The New Out With The…

So here’s the redesign. Almost everything is up and running. To get to the main page, you can click the logo. It seems to be loading quicker, and the links on the left side are nice and juicy.

The Next Generation has been renewed for another year. That means you can expect, well the same ol’ same ol’. I’ve been planning a redesign to help make the page load quicker, and elminate the java menu. The new site should be sleeker, and sweet. As for content, we’ll see if I can come up with anything new. If anyone has ANY suggestions let me know. 7 years now… that’s insane.

The Results

The winners of the “recent” slogan contest are J.T. Williams, and whoever Possum is. My favorites from J.T. include: We put some of the letters back into some word. Where the only thing old about momma jokes is YOUR MOMMA!

My favorites from Possum include: We don’t leave the microwave messy, so why do you? Ahead of its time, like Elton John

So there you have it. You guys won. Your prize will include free unlimited access to Actually I’ll think something up sometime, probably being some gift certificates to your restaurant of choosing.

I also want to give an honorable mention to Erica for: We’re waiting for Revolutions.

Google Pack

Google has recently done something quite good. They introduced Google Pack, a compilation of free software for your computer. It most notably includes Firefox, Ad-Aware, Google Desktop, and even more importantly Norton Antivirus with a free six month subcription. Other software includes, Google Earth, Google Talk, Picasa, Trillian, and Adobe Reader 7. The neat thing is that it is managed by a one step installation process, and the included Google Updater will keep all of that software up to date. The installation will even know what products you already have installed. I recommend this one for anyone. The last part is, over time Google may choose to add more software to it’s pack, and there’s even a suggestion link on the site.

Google Pack