Don’t Buy A TiVo

I used to love the idea of TiVo, and I loved it when I saw one in action. But recently TiVo has gone down hill. They’ve added advertisements even though it’s a subscription service. And most recently they’ve added features that won’t let you keep shows saved. If the copyright owner of a certain show only wants to let you keep it for a week, it will automatically delete the show. This is definitely a step back for TiVo. It used to be the opposite of this.

This is what you can consider DRM which stands for Digital Rights Management. You may have heard the term being thrown around. Seriously… we’re going backwards. VCRs are better than this, I used to know people that had taped collections of things. This sucks.

Read more about it here.

Do Diddy Do Do Do

Has anyone noticed a very large increase in tourism ads on cable for Prince Edwards Island. The commercial with the addictively annoying fiddle music in the background? Maybe it’s localized here, but maybe not. Comment if you’ve seen a lot of this commercial too. Sometimes they’ve played it twice in a row. AH!