Making Progress

I’ve held off a bit on the updates. One major change has been to the feeds. You’ll notice two feeds to the right. The big one at the top is for this blog. That feed will only contain posts. The other feed is for the Link Blog. I used Yahoo Pipes to bring a few of my links together in once place. The Link blog is a combination of my, my Google Reader Shared items, and my likes on Vimeo for now.

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I am in the process of updating my website. I will most likely discontinue A Jarbo Journal and merge it to this blog. I am also now using WordPress instead of Blogger. Sorry Blogger.

Changes will be taking place for the next few weeks. Then prepare for a new new website.

Browsing Stats

I love the things that Google Analytics tells me.

First I must express my happiness for the percentage of viewers that come to using Firefox! Check these numbers out!

Secondly, for those using Internet Explorer… update to version 7! It’s renders .png files properly and will make your viewing experience better across the Internet.

Newsvine is a website dedicated to the world of news. What differs from this site and others is that it aggregates news from the Associated Press, and combines that with user submitted news events and opinions. The site also has social aspects such as groups and friends to share news stories with and then discuss them. The site is very open for discussing current topics, and sharing your opinion.

The site boasts several features with a very nice design. The site also asks that users follow a code of honor for submitting news stories.

Newsvine Code Of Honor:

  1. Above all else, respect others. If you see disrespectful behavior, report it, rather than further inflaming the situation.
  2. Before you write, seed, or comment, ask yourself if your contribution increases the strength and virtue of the community.
  3. Newsvine is for collaborative discovery and discussion of the news, not self-promotion. Posting full articles which also appear on your blog is acceptable but seeding your own stuff is not.
  4. Keep your headlines accurate and free of sensationalistic language. For instance, if you’re writing a satirical piece, please follow the form: “Satire: [Headline]”; if you’re seeding a story about a rumor, “Rumor: Yahoo to Buy ___” is appropriate whereas “Yahoo Buys ___” or “WTF! Oh my God!” are not.
  5. Although full internationalization is important to Newsvine, please keep all articles and seeds in English until the system can properly sort multiple languages.
  6. Keep Newsvine tidy by tagging for accuracy rather than for readership, editing headlines and lead-ins to be compact and descriptive, and seeding as close to the original source as possible.

Among everything else, you can customize the homepage to suit your news interests. If you like keeping up on the news, I definitely suggest you check this site out.

Yes… Watch For Rubble

Yes. Finally I’m in the steps of changing this website. The design looks clean. Some things aren’t working in Internet Explorer but they are in Firefox. I’ll get to those later. Let me know what you think of the new design.

Update: Tom Cruise has been running for a long time!

Update 2: The site is viewable in IE. Whoopie.

Gmail Registration Is Now Open To All

It’s official Gmail is open to the public. You no longer need to be invited, or register by cell phone.

Gmail is nearly perfect now. You can pull email via pop3 and send using the same address (i.e. You don’t have to use your Gmail address. You can also export via pop3 with use of programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Plus TONS of other awesome features. If you don’t have one already now you can!

If you have any questions about the service check out their support page or post them here.