Chopper Dave is Back!

By taking this image.. And this image…

I created a poster for Time Chopper II: Rotor Of Time… I think it just looks cool. All other effects, and even the logo were created by me! Download it to your desktop today.

Originality 2: More Original Than Last Time

My good friend Jacob Patterson-Stein and I got into some good talks on our radio show tonight about sequels. Jacob thinks they are getting better, which may be true. But that’s all I see of late. This-and-That 2, and Donuts: The Reckoning of the Hole. I’m seriously beginning to think that originality, and non-forumlualic thinking is on its way out the door. Maybe that’s just how it seems, but think about all the sequels Disney has produced. The Santa Clause 2… Halo 2… Final Fantasy X-2… Ocean’s Twelve, Jurassic Park IV (Oh buddy it’s true)… and whatever.

Now there are some benefits to having sequels in anything. First off, a pick up of a familiar story. No need to readjust yourself to new characters, or locales or storylines. THEY MAKE MONEY is why there are so many of them. I think there is some correlation with sequels and current television programming of late. It’s all reality TV. Sitcoms seem to be a dying breed (of a formula based programming). It seems that everything is ONLY about money now, and the Media isn’t trying to hide it. It’s aggravating me. But as always, we can hope that this Jurassic Park will be better than the last. You know you are going to end up seeing it. Or the sequel to Clerks… or the Sequel to AOL… or the sequel to your mother. But hey… I’m waiting for the prequels.

Firefox… The Real Internet

This will be my last time saying this. For anyone who uses the Internet (you are reading this now).. and uses Internet Explorer… I despise you. Seriously. By now you should have at least heard of Firefox. Now I’m going to use a different style of argument this time. You are afraid. You are so stuck in your ways that you will not change. SCAREDY CAT!

Click it now.

Firefox is an EXTRAORDINARY browser. Internet Explorer is revered as CRAP by anyone in the computer field. I’m going to list a few features why Firefox is better.

  • Faster Loading
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Less Prone to Viruses and Spyware
  • No Pop-ups

But seriously. If you don’t have it, I seriously hate you if you don’t get it after reading this. It will improve your Internet experience. Please do something for me now, and download it. Internet Explorer =Microsoft… and trust me Microsoft is evil.

Sigh… if I haven’t convinced you let me know.

Like OMG WTF?!

There is an emerging wave of crap on the Internet. No I’m not talking about viruses or ad-ware… I’m talking about “friend” sites. The original one being Friendster, followed by Orkut and a few others. The most recent is the Facebook for university students.

I’m still trying to figure out the point of these sites. Sure, I join them. I was happy when I was invited into Orkut early on, because I was one of the firsts and it is done by Google. But really there is absolutely 0 point to these sites. You join. And then you wait to see who invites you as your friend. Oh boy… a new friend… that puts me up to 65. Seriously. Give me a break. I read peoples profiles as if they are going to give me a glimpse of who that person really is. And the biggest faux pas of anyone on this site is to add me as a friend when I hardly know you. Some people even have the nerve to add you if you’ve never spoken to them. Sure that’s great if you are trying to get your friend count past 75 to declare your social status… whatever. To me it’s an insult.

The truth of the matter is this: The Internet is great for trying experiments, and etc. If these sites were used for actual engagement in meeting people then hoorah… but for the most part they are just another site where people get together to do absolutely nothing. I should delete my accounts with Orkut and Facebook… but then I wouldn’t have any friends.


Ohio WAS a Battleground

Everyone across the nation waited and watched as Bush and Kerry had their laser war in Ohio.

Image taken from

Well, maybe I didn’t read the article corresponding to this picture… but does it really matter? Lasers are cool.