Chirstmas Gift Dilemma

Like many, you are probably keeping your eye out for that perfect gift for your friends. Many store have the “ideal” gift section, where it’s full of prefabricated, “quirky” gifts such as minature fusball tables, and a tape measure with a level on it, or even the mug that belchs when you tip it. But let me remind you… those gifts are crap. The gift that is the most awesome is usually spontaneous, incredibly unique, or one that comes from the heart. So the next time you are shopping for a gift, make sure that it’s not a sweater vest with a lamb on the back… make it that cool digital axe that tells the temperture and cuts down a tree, or a fabulous hat that you found at a thrift store. Don’t let commercialism get you…

It’s Out!

It took more time than I thought it would. But after a lot of time of menu editing, syncing audio to video, correcting volume levels, encoding video, and and burning DVDs, it’s finally done. The Wyoming Jarbo: Volume One DVD is out. To anyone who wants a copy, let me know in person or through e-mail. The initial cost of the DVD is free, however, donations are accepted and keep in mind that DVDs cost about a dollar each, plus my mental anguish of completing this project was about 35 dollars. I didn’t leave Oxford until 11:30 PM on Wednesday because I had to burn a few.


::guitar riff::