Unhappy Hateintines Day

I hope you are enjoying a very unfortunate unhappy Hateintines Day as you realize that everyone hates you and hopes you die. I found these special hearts just for today.

I also found a church that believes what I believe in.

Enjoy a very horrible stupid Hateintines Day…

By the way, these images were created by using the ACME heart generator,
and Ryland Sanders’ Church Sign Generator .


I love saying goodbye to things for better substitutes. Answers.com is quite possibly the best thing I’ve found for… well learning things. If you are unsure what a word means such as tintinnabulation you can just go to http://answers.com/tintinnabulation to find out. Very awesome. This isn’t just a dictionary. It’s also a thesaurus, encyclopedia, and more. You can search a wide variety of topics such as Strong Bad, to Super Mario. They also offer a program that you can download to your computer, that will take you automatically to a words meaning by alt-clicking on it anywhere on your computer screen. Pretty nifty. So say goodbye to m-w.com or dictionary.com… and hello to Answers.com.

Google, Where Am I?

Quite possibly the best thing to happen to online maps in a long time. Google Maps is an innovative and wonderful application debuted by Google today. It allows you to search for individual addresses, locations, and even directions. What’s great about this compared to others, is that it doesn’t download separate jpegs… it’s one big vector map, with uber quick load time that you can scroll and zoom in real time. Another awesome feature is sending someone directions with just a link, or just sending an address with a link, and then they can create directions based from where they are. Better yet, no ads at the moment since it’s in beta. So please denounce Mapquest, and give this a try.

Try it! Use this link to find out how to get to the White House.

February: The Shunned Month

I was thinking today. Why does February only have 28 days? I mean it honestly doesn’t make sense. Sure it gets the extra day during a leap year because it’s the most deprived month. Realistically, every month could have 30 days. 360/12=30 . So then there would be 5 extra days hanging around. Who decides where these months go? Well I would say that May-August should get the extra days because everyone loves Summer break, and December rightfully gets 31 days because it has to handle the holidays. But sadly this isn’t the case. If we were to be fair and give five months one extra day, then there are still two months hogging days from February. Who are the culprits? Well obviously I think October is one of them. I hate October with a passion. Halloween can be on October 30th, and that settles that case. January is also another day stealer. Who wants to be cold for 31 days? What does anyone like about January? NOTHING! So… March I have no quarrels with you my good month, but January and October need to hand over their 31st day to poor February. After this is done, February can still have the extra leap day.

WyomingJarbo.com Is Back (Again)

Yes folks, WyomingJarbo.com , your portal to everything that is awesome is back on the saddle of the Internet once again. The site content is poor right now, I know. But expect several unreleased videos (including a few that are on the WyomingJarbo: Volume One DVD) and more. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see on the site, let me know. May WyomingJarbo.com have a good 2005.

Free Software Review Of 2005

That’s right, it’s time for some more computer advice. Here are some great programs that are available free to you.


Ad Aware SE 1.0

This program anaylizes your computer for programs that have infected your computer. The programs are not classified as viruses, but can be harmful or more harmful than your everyday run of the mill virus. I recommend this one.

Microsoft Anti Spyware Beta

Microsoft came out with this recently. It’s there jump into the spyware defense market. The program is quite complete surprisingly and even offers an active protection program that will detect spyware while it tries to install itself. Microsoft has made this program free, and it’s definitely a good move by Microsoft.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0

This is an Internet browser that by far beat all the competetion. Such bonus features include tabbed browsing, great security unlike IE, wonderful bookmarking, pop up blocking, and built in Google, IMDB search. The program is completely free, and well worth the download. Don’t forget to set this as your default browser upon installation.

Communication and Organization

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0

This e-mail client offers great search for your e-mail. It offers a great layout, newsreader feed support, and much much more. If you have a pop3 or IMAP e-mail account consider this.

Mozilla Sunbird 0.2

This calendar program is still in early development, but boasts some great features that are free. It also includes a to do list, and several calendar options. Be wary if you find problems with the program since it’s only a 0.2 release, but definitely worth considering as it develops.

GAIM 1.0

An instant messaging program that integrates AIM, MSN, YAHOO, and ICQ. The program features no ads, logging, aliases, among several other features. It’s a small download, and it’s always being updated with new features.

Trillian 3.0

Another instant messaging program. Trillian boasts a “prettier” interface than GAIM, and it was recently updated to version 3.0. Trillian is skinnable and has several features just as GAIM does.

w.Bloggar 4.0

If you have any type of blogging service, and you hate logging in, the web interface, or have multiple blogs, then give this a try. w.Bloggar consolidates all your blog accounts into a small program and makes any html editing a breeze. Support for fonts, pictures, and FTP are also include along with templates. This works with Livejournal, Blogger, and several other services.


Picasa 2.0

Picasa is owned by Google, and recently released their 2.0 version. This program makes organizing photos on your computer a snap, as well as adjusting contrast, red eye, and many other aspects. The new version also lets you create screensavers, web galleries, burn CDs, and much much more. Coupled with their Hello instant messaging program, you can upload photos you your Blogger account, or share with friends.

Microsoft Photo Story 3

Photo Story allows you to create awesome stunning slideshows into movie files on your computer. You can add music, make transitions, create music moods, and more. The greatest feature that Photo Story offers is that when your pictures are added to the slideshow, it moves the pictures, and zooms on them automatically which makes the slideshow that much more captavating. With several customizable features, check this one out.

Audio and Video Players

Winamp 5.08

Winamp has always offered a free, great program. This version helps play several different formats of audio and video files. It offers playlist creation, a media library to keep everything organized and easy to find, and it’s skinable. There are also plugins to enhance the program. And there’s a built in free internet radio search list if you are ever in the mood to hear commercial free radio on your computer. The program also offers free CD ripping and burning and easy ID3 tag editing.

Microsoft Windows Media Player 10

If you aren’t into using anything but what Microsoft offers, then you definitely need to update to version 10 of Windows Media Player. It offers an automatic media library, CD burning, and ripping. Ripping is done in the less accepted .wma format, but if you don’t know the difference from and mp3 then what’s the difference.

That’s all for now. If I’ve left anything out be sure to let me know. I’ll have an Internet site review up sometime later this week. Until then, love your computer, and it will love you back.