Google Earth (It’s Free!)

Google’s latest release is Google Earth. After aquiring Keyhole last October they put their aquistition to use immediately. You may remember hearing about Google released Google Maps, and later added satellite imagery to Google Maps. Now they’ve released a very powerful tool.

Google Earth is an interface to satellite imagery and Google’s vast information about the world. You can view the world in 3D. You can do everything you can in Google Maps and more. Local Search and Directions. Also view information of school districts, zip codes, etc. Search for schools, parks, gas stations.

View 3D terrain. So you can see the Grand Canyon in 3D. Some cities have 3D buildings. You can also save placemarks, images, and print.

There’s so much more that this thing can do, but I suggest you try it out yourself. And besides it’s FREE!

Google Earth

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