Happy Birthday Gmail

GMail turned one year old today. And they gave all the users a gift. They are upping their storage to 2 GB and beyond. No April Fools joke here. In fact GMail was originally thought to be an April Fools joke because it came out on April 1st, and promised what was once thought to be unpromisable.

In a CNet news article Google was stated for eliminating storage limits with, “After that (2 GB) , Google will add a yet-to-be-determined amount of extra storage daily, with no plans to stop.”

With NO plans to stop. This means that you can send attachments, pictures, and everything else without worrying about your space quota. If you aren’t familiar with GMail yet, you should be. The also recently added a rich text editor, which put them ABOVE every e-mail provider. If you don’t want to switch because you are stupid, and want to stick with Hotmail or Yahoo know this: One year ago the storage limits for Hotmail and Yahoo! were 2 MB and 4 MB respectively. This year Hotmail has 250 MB and Yahoo! in the past month 1 GB. Why not change over to the reason the other ones are becoming better but not the best.

Here’s a couple more reasons to switch.
POP3 AccessFree. Other providers used to have this 6 years ago, then started charging money for it.)

Minimal Ads – All the ads are text based and unobtrusive. You see your e-mail. No scrolling or limited space due to ads. And no ad embedded in every e-mail like Yahoo or Hotmail.

Import Contacts – Just like all the others.

Labels – A fun way to organize e-mail.

Conversation View – Instead of having to look through a line of RE: ‘s GMail puts things into perspective with its coverstation view.

And so much more. I am sticking with my GMail e-mail address for life. I’ve never been able to say that before. For graduating Seniors or College students it’s great to have one e-mail address you’ll never lose.

So if you are interested in a GMail account e-mail me at I’ve got over 100 invitations left.

Also, if some of my friends who use GMail can post comments about how good it is, and why to switch, PLEASE DO.