Like OMG WTF?!

There is an emerging wave of crap on the Internet. No I’m not talking about viruses or ad-ware… I’m talking about “friend” sites. The original one being Friendster, followed by Orkut and a few others. The most recent is the Facebook for university students.

I’m still trying to figure out the point of these sites. Sure, I join them. I was happy when I was invited into Orkut early on, because I was one of the firsts and it is done by Google. But really there is absolutely 0 point to these sites. You join. And then you wait to see who invites you as your friend. Oh boy… a new friend… that puts me up to 65. Seriously. Give me a break. I read peoples profiles as if they are going to give me a glimpse of who that person really is. And the biggest faux pas of anyone on this site is to add me as a friend when I hardly know you. Some people even have the nerve to add you if you’ve never spoken to them. Sure that’s great if you are trying to get your friend count past 75 to declare your social status… whatever. To me it’s an insult.

The truth of the matter is this: The Internet is great for trying experiments, and etc. If these sites were used for actual engagement in meeting people then hoorah… but for the most part they are just another site where people get together to do absolutely nothing. I should delete my accounts with Orkut and Facebook… but then I wouldn’t have any friends.


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